Estimated Expenditures Per Person

$100.00 is the initial Registration Fee for the Training Program. Monies are due at registration. In addition, participants may expect to incur the following estimated expenditures during the 9-month training program. (Participation in scheduled short races is encouraged, but not required).

Running shoes (3 pairs at approximately $90.00 each) $270.00
*Registration for race of your choice Fox ValleyMarathon, Chicago Marathon or Rock N RollHalf Marathon $175.0085.0085.00
Mid-Season Picnic $00.00 Free for regt. runners
Victory Dinner $28.00
Watch varies but it can be purchased for as little as: $15.00
Running & Spirit Shirts $45.00
TOTAL $628.00 Excludes Chicago
Average Cost per month $52.33
Average Cost per day (based on 30 days) $1.94
* Clothing cost can vary; there are many options to finding inexpensive running clothes.


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Greetings and blessings, I want to thank each and every one of you for making this running club such a great blessing in my life.  I casually went into this and was challenged to become a runner.  To my great surprise, I was able to do this.  I was able to make progress throughout the […]